Fire Guard Installations offers a professional and experienced based fire training service for those businesses looking for basic fire training involving small office and factory fires.
We offer:
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Fire Fighting Training
  • Commercial Fire Safety Inspections
  • Residential Fire Safety Inspections
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements.
We base our training on:
  • Consultation with client
  • Personal and professional approach to our client’s needs
  • Clear learning outcomes
  • Support material to aid the student
  • Practical operation of extinguishing a fire with different types of first attack firefighting equipment
  • Non-RTO certificate of attendance
  • Confidence levels of employees undertaking training
  • Small group training structures
  • Interaction based training
  • Actual fire simulations
  • On-site fire training
  • Off-site fire training (Advanced bookings essential).
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Find out more about our evacuation drawing services and other services call 02-8096 8590 and talk to our friendly staff.


Our aim for each person that attends a course is to come out of the training session with a learning outcome of:
Fire extinguishers – the student will be able to confidently:
  • Extinguish a small oil based fire
  • Extinguish a small paper based fire
  • Identify different types of fire extinguishers
  • Understand the operation of fire extinguishers and their limitations.
Fire blankets – the student will be able to confidently extinguish:
  • A small oil based fire using a fire blanket.
Fire Hose reels – the student will be able to confidently:
  • Identify and operate a fire hose reel to put out a small to medium fire.


FGI Fire offers training either on-your site or at our factory in Hillsdale:
Your premises Training – if you feel you would prefer training at your site we request you have the following facilities:
  • Clear space or open area or enclosed car park with available space for a small training team of 15-people
  • A small office or meeting room
  • A hose reel and fire extinguishers located on site.
Our premises Training – FGI Fire can provide limited parking but booking will be essential. All other facilities are provided.


Each participant is issued with a certificate of attainment on basic fire fighting and training.  Although our staff are highly trained in this area, FGI Fire is not a RTO (Registered Training Organisation).  As such the qualification is not a ‘formal’ qualification but will meet most employer’s requirements of Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Acts and Regulations.

If the employer or organisation has the requirement of qualifying their staff to RTO qualifications please let us know and we will facilitate the organisation of the training.