Evacuation Drawings

FGI Fire offers a first class service in AS3745-2013 Evacuation Drawings as part of our core business activity. The services and details are:
  • Consultation with client
  • Draft design of existing floor layout
  • Evacuation drawing-design of floor layout
  • A3 colour laminated plans
  • Includes building safety features marked on plans, with correct orientation
  • Assembly areas identified for use in an evacuation
  • Can be provided for use in an evacuation
  • Optional framing

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Our goals are to create an evacuation plan that will safely and efficiently evacuate the occupants of the building in the event of emergency. Our evacuation plan diagrams incorporate a floor plan, site plan and site-specific evacuation procedures and produced as colour A3 laminates.
Our diagrams feature:
  • Designated exits
  • ‘You are here’ references
  • Location of Warden Intercommunication Points, Manual and Emergency Call Points
  • Location of firefighting equipment including fire hose reel, fire extinguisher, fire blankets, fire hydrants as applicable
  • Fire Indicator Panel, if installed
  • Location of assembly area
  • Validity date
  • Appropriate legend
  • Standard evacuation instructions
 We also offer services in:
  • Aiding in Evacuation Exercises
  • Help in developing an Emergency Management Plan
  • Provide training on implementing Emergency Control Organisations (ECO) and Emergency Planning Committees (EPC)
  • Provide trained Emergency Planning Consultants to review existing emergency procedures.
Should any further information be required please do not hesitate to contact our office on 02 8096 8590.