History: Servicing of sprinkler installations has had a few changes in the years.

A summary can be detailed as:

  • AS1851.3-1997
  • AS1851-2005 (Section 2)
  • AS1851-2012 (Section 2)

It is preferable and recommended to adopt the latest testing standard-although not mandatory. If in doubt of the testing standard that you need to adopt on your site, we recommend the first step is to consult your insurance broker or underwriter to advice on what they consider is acceptable to the essential services you have on site and the type/nature of the building.

Common general maintenance beyond monthly and annual testing:


The most common requirement experience by clients in regards to semi-major servicing of the sprinkler system is the three year alarm valve overhaul. The implementation of this preventative maintenance action is a sensible approach by the client. The servicing may even result in saved costs of fire monitoring false alarm charges.

Below are two examples of requests by new clients to fix issues originating from their sprinkler systems.  Both were a result of the three yearly overhauls that were not carried out over a ten year period by their service provider.